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Frequently Asked Questions

"Should I Use Lime Plaster?"


Lime plaster offers many benefits in the right circumstances. Old buildings were often designed with no cavity wall. This means no break existed from water penetration from the external façade. Lime plaster allows a building to breath and absorbs moisture in a natural way.

"What Is Gypsum Plaster?"


In the past we used lime plasters, but this was soon replaced by modern plastering methods with gypsum plasters to speed-up the setting times. Gypsum based plasters tend to be used in newer builds. Modern day plasters are premixed and manufactured by British Gypsum, the most commonly used are MultiFinish/BoardFinish and for undercoats Bonding/Hardwall.

"How Much Do You Charge?"


The time required and material costs on every job is different so offering a fixed rate is impossible. But we are always happy to discuss any project and offer a free estimate.

"When Can I Paint New Plaster?"


New plaster will need to be fully cured and dried prior to painting. The colour will change from a dark pink to light pink. Usually it will take 3-5 days depending on the thickness of the plaster, temperature within the building, and amount of ventilation available. A mist coat of paint should also be applied prior.

"Does The Room Need To Be Empty?"


All furniture should be moved and existing fittings (if any) should be removed and the plastering carried out while the room is empty.  As plastering is a 'wet trade' this will allow us to work safely, eliminate the possibility of damage or mess to your home. Giving you the best possible finish!

"I Have An Artexed Ceiling, Can It Be Made Smooth?"


YES! First we remove any high spots and then apply two or three coats of plaster to give a smooth and modern look to most ceilings. Another option is to over-board, or take the existing ceiling down, re-board and then skim the ceiling.

"Do I Need To Remove Wallpaper?"


All paper should be removed to ensure a proper adhesion. Plaster cannot be applied over wallpaper.

"Do I Need To Remove Carpets?"


We will cover and protect existing carpets and flooring wherever we are working. floor coverings being replaced anyway are best to be removed prior to plaster work commencing. If you are having new floor coverings fitted this should Ideally be done after all the plaster work has been completed.

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